How do you know, your copy is going to generate money?


The biggest mistake to avoid is…

“Falling In Love With Your Intuition”

When it comes to writing a high converting copy, you need to write what your customers want.

Not what you think they want.

Here is the simplest way to find out what people want, before you write a copy and spend tons of money on it…

“You Validate”.

You test different hooks with different pain points and benefits to see if there is really a demand for your idea.

The best way:

Create MVP ads 

What is an MVP ad?

Simple image ad with ONE marketing angle.

It could be a pain, benefit, need, or objection.

But remember the idea of ONE.

Because it takes less time to write, less time to create, and it is easy to test.

The best metric to measure the result is CTR.

See how many people are clicking on the ads and improve your sales page & video ads using the same angle.

Copywriting is not about guessing, it’s all about testing but testing with data.

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